Extendd a new WordPress plugin marketplace

Welcome to extendd.com (formerly thefrosty.com).

Why did I change the domain?

No Particular reason, I just felt that TheFrosty was more of a personal site. In fact it was, that was my second domain I ever purchased.

Whats new?

Extendd is now using a new e-commerce management system: Easy Digital Downloads. I have ported every order over from WooCommerce and as a result all previous license keys have been disabled. If you had an order on the site, you’ll find your download URLS and licenses on the My Account page.

Previous clients
You will find a new license key on your account page with a new download link to the latest plugin version of the plugin(s) you purchased. Please download, install and activate the plugin(s) to continue receiving future updates. There is a new settings page where you can activate all plugins by Extendd. I hope this makes it easier.


If you have any issues please visit the support forum to report them or bugs you might find on the site and I will fix them as soon as possible.

Thank you for your previous and continued support! More plugins to come.


  1. I’m curious, was it worth the effort switching from WooCommerce to EDD? What’s the advantage?

    1. I can’t answer that question just yet. Once I’m about a month in I’ll know a little more.

      There where a few things I liked in Woo, but I am sure that if I want those features I can build them myself. Since I am only selling digital goods it makes sense to use an only digital goods commerce plugin.

      Also the built in updates extension was well worth it. Even though Woo had a license generator it didn’t handle updates, just activations. I did have a 3rd party update API, but it often didn’t work perfect.

      We will see how December goes Brad.

    2. Interesting…I’ll be sure to check in with you in a month’s time.

    3. Hi Austin, now that it’s been about a month, how’s EDD working out for you? Was the switch worth it?

      1. Hey Brad, I am enjoying the development of EDD. It’s nice to be able to sit in on development plans and request features and submit reports on sites like GitHub.

        There are a few features the I miss from Woo, but for what I am doing (which is only digital downloads) Woo was bulky in that sense. But Woo can do just DD’s.

        It was difficult to move once a store is set up, and there are still a few weird quirks. But I am happy with what I’ve got.

      2. Thanks Austin, I appreciate the feedback.

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