Announcing SEO Media File Renamer

A few month back I created a plugin to boost SEO on a photo blog site. I was uploaded a lot of photos with the WordPress iPhone app and it was generating media file names like 981287409871.jpg and 2929838010982-123.jpg, not very searchable.

So I looked through the repo and found two plugins that claimed to rename files. Both were decent, but had a few flaws. One renamed the original file and stopped there, while the other did the same but generated new sizes. Problem is if you did that a few times, you’d end up with that file times four (minimum amount sizes from WordPress unless you have a plugin or theme that defines more file sizes). So my original file name of 12345.jpg became 12345-1024x600.jpg, 12345-600x350.jpg, 12345-150x150.jpg and the new file name times each file size. If I didn’t like that name, now I’ve got a third set and so on..

So I made sure that my plugin removes all the old files before changing the name and regenerating all default WordPress file sizes.

For the month of August the plugin will be on sale.