Announcing WP Invoice Pro & Ticket Manager

Last week I quietly released two new plugin on the site. One is the WP Invoice Pro plugin and the other is Ticket Manager.

WP Invoice Pro

This plugin is for developers or people looking to manage invoices for clients. I’ve been using a version of this plugin for a few years and thought it was time to modify and update the plugin for current WP version and code base. At the same time release it for other to use.

At the moment WP Invoice Pro is in beta testing and is on sale for $5, if you purchase the plugin before final release and full price you will receive the update for free. If you find some bugs or have feature requests leave them in the support forum. Thank you in advance.

Known issues with WP Invoice Pro

  • Version 1.0.0 wouldn’t send the email and had a fatal error, fixed in 1.0.1.
  • Emails not sending as HTML fixed in 1.0.1.
  • Shortcodes not finished our outputting yet.

TODO in WP Invoice Pro final release

  • Proper user management/creation with roles. Create client role.
  • Built in Quote acceptance callback on emailed or web view quote. Know if then accept or decline the quote with out talking to the client.
  • More to come.

Ticket Manager

This is a plugin I’ve been using for the past year on my baseball blog Infield Box. I’m a Dodgers Season Ticket holder and wanted a easy way to manage tickets I had listed for sale on sites like StubHub etc and what games I could and couldn’t make.

This plugin is a simple custom post type with a whole lot of meta fields for ticket info.